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“Last month a brother tried to ‘holla’ at me by yelling out, “Say dark meat, come here!” I was high off the very black vibes at the Cali HBCU Reunion, bouncing in my #BlackGirlMagic as I strutted across the yard, and feeling myself in all my glory after a much needed day with black people. I moved to Southern California two years ago for grad school and it has been a major culture shock for me. Having grown up in New Orleans and living on the East Coast, I was use to tight knit black communities. L.A. is huge and vastly spread out, which makes it feel extremely isolating for people of color. I live outside of L.A. proper, near the school, and it isn’t very black around here at all. Just imagine my pure excitement when I’m finally able to vibe with black folk. So when this brother yelled, “Say dark meat, come here,” as if it was an alluring catch phrase, I stopped dead in my tracks. He was fine as hell and all, but put some respect on my melanin…”

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What To Send Up When It Goes Down

Written and directed by Aleshea Harris.

A Play.
A Pageant.what-send-when-it-goes-down
A Ritual in honor
of the inherent value of black life.

What To Send Up When It Goes Down is a play-pageant-ritual-homegoing celebration meant to disrupt, honor, and reclaim. An attempt to honor those lost to racist violence in America, the piece uses language, song and movement as a means of reflecting in order to cleanse and uplift. The goal is cleansing/catharsis through the exercise of viewing and participating in the piece, while also making space for collective emotions following tragedy.


Bayou Blues Edinburgh Fringe Promo

Bayou Blues is a solo performance written and performed by Shaina Lynn  Video shot by r0bproductions.com


Nappywoord 2016

Nappywood™ is a community empowerment movement of Natural Hair, Wellness, Holistic Lifestyle and Economic Empowerment held in August 2016. Shaina or (I) was styled by Maetae at Sun Goddess Beauty Center II.

Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing – Short Film

View Shaina Lynn in Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing from DaManuel Richardson

Raz is back in town and Marcus attempts to keep his ex girlfriend from leaving home again. (Click on image below for the Vime video)

Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing

Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing